Swiss Village was founded in the late 1930s by Rennhardt and Winifred Hilderbrand. After seeing the beautiful Ozark countryside, they were reminded of their home in Europe that overlooked the Rhine River. Their replication of that breathtaking setting marked the birth of Swiss Village.

Over the years, the resort evolved into several restaurants. In 1974, The Wine Garden Restaurant was established and it quickly became famous for its delicious wine punch accompanied by beautiful sunsets.

In 1994, Michael Ismail, Brent Boyles and Terry Pabst purchased The Wine Garden Restaurant and created Michael’s Steak Chalet, one of the finest restaurants in the Ozarks. Michael’s Steak Chalet has been voted the Best Steak at the Lake annually for the last 5 years running. Please visit us and enjoy the fine cuisine and sunsets from our charming patios.